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The Russian Design Studio Studia-54 neither uses standard solutions nor follows established specifications when creating projects. They developed their own unique style, combined with high-end technology solutions, and stood out with their distinctive personality.許昌裝修設計公司,許昌家裝設計公司

For those who want to turn their dreams into reality, Studia-54 is a "dreamer" who is keen to predict the wishes of customers and use design as an extension of customer personality. Share the two luxurious interior design projects of the Studia-54 this week and see how they "dream"!




The Studia-54 was surprised to see a stylish coffee table from Alchymia at the Milan Furniture Show in Italy and was inspired by the design. This set of coffee tables adds complexity and appreciation to this luxurious living room.

Studia-54 在意大利米蘭家具展上看到了來自 Alchymia 的時尚咖啡桌時驚訝不已,并受到了設計上的啟發,這組咖啡桌為這個奢華的客廳增添了增添了復雜性和觀賞性。許昌裝修設計公司,許昌家裝設計公司

The Studia-54 was surprised to see a stylish coffee table from Alchymia at the Milan Furniture Show in Italy and was inspired by the design. This set of coffee tables adds complexity and appreciation to this luxurious living room.

Lolli e Memmoli 水晶吊燈


Unique floor geometry and marble entrance organically combined.


In addition to the marble entrance and classic murals, the entrance to the living room of the hall also attracts people's attention. The dark wood pattern is natural, soothing, and the dark green circular decorative mirror brings wonderful changes in color.

這是一間優雅的中性色調主臥,大而柔軟的床來自 Vittoria Frigerio,Longhi 床尾凳的金屬幾何底座為房間奏響了現代的音符。臥室里的雙面壁爐設計讓人拍案叫絕。

This is an elegant neutral tone master bedroom. The large and soft bed comes from Vittoria Frigerio. The metal geometric base of the Longhi bed stool plays modern notes for the room. The double-sided fireplace in the bedroom is stunning.


From the design of the room, it is not difficult to see that the owner of this bedroom is a young dreamer. The boy's bedroom was designed according to his own interests. The nightstand is a custom suitcase. The wall next to the desk is painted into a blackboard that can be recorded or created at any time.


This nursery was built for the future. The rooms are designed to be neutral and suitable for both boys and girls. Cloudy wall lights and soft toys create a relaxed atmosphere for children. Custom chandeliers, white pianos, decorative arches and practical furniture can still work when children grow up.

根據業主的意愿,在兒童浴室項目中,Studia-54 使用了 Scavolini 品牌的 Diesel 衛浴系列,通過將這一集合的解決方案與 David Week Studio 和 Bocci 不同尋常的燈飾結合起來,創造了一個讓孩子和成年人都感到愉快的空間。

According to the owner's wishes, in the children's bathroom project, Studia-54 uses the Scavolini brand Diesel bathroom series, combining this collection solution with David Week Studio and Bocci's unusual lighting, Creating a space for children and adults alike.

公寓里有兩個女士衣帽間,均使用量身定做的家具。第一個衣帽間內,增加了一張 Signorini Coco & C 梳妝臺供女主人化妝所用。第二個衣帽間用于存放晚禮服、鞋子和手提包等。

There are two women's cloakrooms in the apartment, both of which use tailor-made furniture. In the first cloakroom, a Signorini Coco & amp; was added. C The dresser is used for the hostess's make-up. The second cloakroom is used to store evening gowns, shoes, handbags, etc..

這個衣帽間是為男主人設計的,根據他的意愿,Studia-54 使用 Poliform 家具帶來了嚴謹而簡潔的設計。

This cloakroom was designed for the male owner. According to his wishes, the Studia-54 used Polyform furniture to bring rigorous and concise design.




這是位于莫斯科的雙層住宅,室內設計中充滿了突出的細節。這個項目與眾不同的是,你甚至可以用“古怪”來形容 Studia-54 獨特的風格。This is a two-storey home in Moscow, and interior design is full of outstanding details. What's different about this project is that you can even use "weird" to describe the unique style of the Studia-54.

Eichholtz 黃銅定制咖啡桌許昌裝修設計公司,許昌家裝設計公司



The modern style restaurant is equipped with two classical black chandeliers that echo the black area of the marble entrance. The entrance is equipped with a built-in storage cabinet. The brass and glass of the cabinet body are not only decorative but also important. Function parts.

樓梯墻面極具東方韻味的荷塘元素被 Studia-54 使用暗色調來呈現,這與我們印象中綠意蔥蔥的荷塘完全不同,為打破沉悶,設計師加入了手工繪制的觀賞魚,并將部分荷葉墻飾改為背光設計。

The elements of the lotus pond with an Oriental charm on the wall of the stairs were presented by the Studia-54 using a dark tone. This is completely different from the green Lotus pond we remember. In order to break the dullness, the designer added hand-drawn ornamental fish. And part of the lotus leaf wall decoration was changed to backlight design.


The walls of this kitchen area are decorated with handmade wallpaper of plant elements, in stark contrast to light-colored ceramic granite. A large number of brass elements, in harmony with the main internal colors and textures.

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Tom Dickson 燈飾


The harmony of new and old brings a kind of aesthetic pleasure to people.

The wall of the hallway, decorated with an abstract texture of black and white ceramic granite, decorated with a wooden board, and then reflected through the mirror, formed a visual illusion. Similarly, the designer cleverly concealed the passage into the cloakroom and decorated the door with a curtain wall panel.


The lens inlay sink, black gold texture marble, round lamp and brass elements make up this simple but not simple washing room.

Studia-54 最喜歡把室內物品放在人們不熟悉的位置上,就像這幅不尋常的“偷看”油畫。

The Studia-54 likes to put indoor items in unfamiliar places, like this unusual "peeping" oil painting.


工作室的名字 Studia-54 是對1970年代美國紐約市的傳奇俱樂部“Studio 54”的引用,“Studio 54”的全盛時期,已成為了一種名流指標和午夜音樂跳舞俱樂部文化的知名代表。許昌裝修設計公司,許昌家裝設計公司

Studia-54 工作室一直在認真的做自己,做最棒的自己。許昌裝修設計公司,許昌家裝設計公司

The Studia-54 studio has been seriously doing itself and doing the best of itself.





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